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Kelly Electric Ltd’s business philosophy is simple and old fashioned. Personal accountability, integrity, and the absolute highest standard of quality construction available anywhere has been our trademark. We are long term, forward thinkers, that believe real opportunities lie in developing a pattern of reliability and trust with our clients versus short term, near sighted, opportunistic gain. We understand the bottom line is the ultimate test of any company’s success, so to maintain our competitive advantage we keep our overhead low, our cash flow healthy, and our suppliers and subcontractors paid on time, every time to ensure the best possible pricing.

Kelly Electric Ltd’s hand picked employees are truly gifted electricians that enjoy safe working environments, open lines of communication, top wages, and an atmosphere where personal responsibility and innovation is not only allowed, but expected. Thank you for considering Kelly Electric Ltd for your Electrical requirements, We’re here to help.

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Custom Electrical Services – Honest Pricing – Quick Turnarounds

One of the things that set us apart from other electrical companies is our commitment to being able to pass the savings on to you—without you having to make sacrifices to quality or the brands you love and trust. To do this, have refined our free consultation process so we really get to know the infrastructure and building specifications that make your site unique. Once we have a full picture of your goals, budgetary boundaries, and current electrical structure, we can customize electrical services right to your business, so you are never paying for more (or getting less) than what you need. Here is a short sample of some of the ways our qualified electrical installation contractor can save time and add value to your investment.

A Commercial Emergency Electrician Who Will Come Right Away – Without Breaking the Bank

Experiencing an electrical emergency in a commercial setting can be a stressful experience that can be worsened if you happen to call an electrical installation contractor who doesn’t put your needs first. Waiting around for answers for hours can prolong downtimes, increase the amount of damage done to your electrical systems, and reduce the lifespan of important and expensive technical equipment, like computer systems. Our licensed commercial electrical technician will arrive shortly after you give us your location. You’ll know it’s us when we get there because of our friendly demeanor, uniforms and the decals on our fully loaded work vehicles. In most cases, we will be able to locate, diagnose, and repair problems with the quality parts we keep stocked in our trucks. In the event we have to order in specialty equipment to complete your system, we guarantee a fast supplier fulfillment process that means an extremely short wait-time for you.

How Do Our Quotes Measure up Against Another Commercial Electrical Company

We are so confident in our transparent and in-depth written quoting process being accurate and competitive because we have spent years in the industry refining what it means to be the best commercial electrical company in town.

Call us today to set up a free consultation with a commercial electrician who knows local electrical codes and safety protocol inside and out.

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